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Cirkuit Planet


Founded in 1999, Cirkuit Planet International has emerged as a leading global technology components enterprise with a footprint spanning over 90 countries across five continents. Over the years, we’ve evolved our business model and adapted to the changing needs of the industry. Today, we are proud specialists in the market of used original Apple products.

Our Legacy:

  • Over two decades of unparalleled industry experience.
  • Sales exceeding 100 million products worldwide.
  • Strong presence with offices across Europe, Asia, and America.
  • Acclaimed for product quality, technological innovation, and distinctive designs that have consistently met our clients’ rigorous standards.

Our Present Focus:

  • Expertise in sourcing and restoring top-quality used original Apple products, ensuring they are market-ready.
  • Rigorous RMA controls, ensuring every product meets our meticulous standards before re-entering the market.

Why Choose Cirkuit Planet:

  • Competitive pricing in the used original Apple products.
  • Very good cosmetic grading.
  • Assured quality and performance with every purchase.
  • Complete product, packaging, and manual design capabilities.
  • Personalized commercial support throughout the entire purchase process.
  • Fast response and solutions for RMAs
  • Dedicated technical support and customer service based in Spain, ready to address any concerns or issues.

Transitioning from being a global tech component distributor to a trusted name in the pre-used Apple product market, Cirkuit Planet is a top supplier for all type of customers: big retailers, insurance companies, carriers, distributors, retailers, corporate enterprises and electronic chain stores all over Europe

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